Want To Help?

As much as both of us love to read, we do have families, our own books, as well as numerous other responsibilities (volunteering, etc).  We can only read so much so fast.  Long story short...WE NEED HELP!  There are too many books and too few of us!

What does this mean?  Every time you read a YA or middle grade (that is cross-over like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc) or even New Adult book you simply fill out our tracking page.  It's pretty simple.  See a swear word?  Put a check mark next to that category.  Someone gets stabbed?  Put a check mark down.

Although this seems easy, you do have to remember to fill it out as you go along.  We have done a few books by memory but it's not the best thing and they were always middle grade books...meaning the chances of there being anything serious in them was slim.

If you are interested in being a contributor to Novel Nibblers contact us using this form.

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