Saturday, July 21, 2012

Donegal Sidhe: Army of Sorrow by Gail Wagner

Donegal Sidhe: Army of Sorrow is the first book in the Donegal Sidhe series, and is one of my personal favorite books. It was written by my wife Gail, who is one of the master minds behind this website.
Protagonist Age:
Mild (1 mild)
1 kiss
Controlled Substance:
Special Issues:
AR Level/Points:
Suggested Age:
Any Age
Comments on Specific Events:
Being a leprechaun was so boring! Though Brea had a loving family and an amazing best friend, she was a trian—the third child in a leprechaun family. Leprechauns usually only have two children, each with a gift; the ability to fix things, affect the weather, talk to animals, or heal. Every once in a while, a third child was born. They were always very powerful. Except Brea. Not only did she not have a special power, she didn't even have a normal gift. Her mam was optimistic that she would eventually wake up one day with her new gift. No such luck thus far.

Brea O'Brien's family says nothing about Brea's undiscovered gift, but it has made her an outcast in leprechaun society. The O'Briens make the best of the situation and have dutifully cared for the Bradigans, a human family descended from druids, for over 500 years.

Though leprechauns don't normally socialize with humans, Brea is unlike most. She quickly makes friends with an Irish teenage boy, Caith, telling him all about the faerie world, and discovers that he might have some faerie powers of his own.

Meanwhile, when Trevor, grandson of old Mr. Bradigan, comes to visit, Brea is told not to involve him in faerie matters. But when a gypsy foretells of coming danger targeting Trevor and his grandfather, it becomes obvious that the only way to save him is to tell him.

As a magical battle looms, Trevor struggles to harness his druid powers, Caith tries to determine his mystical origins, and Brea fights to overcome her biggest flaw: having no magical powers. Find out what will happen to this unlikely trio in Gail Wagner's adventurous and romantic novel, Donegal Sidhe: Army of Sorrow.

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