Monday, July 23, 2012

Gone (Gone #1) by Michael Grant

This book could appeal to boys as well as girls.  High adventure, enjoyable read!

Protagonist Age:
Sam 14 yrs (many characters 14 & under)
Moderate (24 mild & 2 moderate)
Mild (first base)
Moderate (kids fighting kids, girl dies to bully beating, arm amputation to save life)
Controlled Substance:
Mild (beer & cigarettes)
Special Issues:
One character has bulimia
AR Level/Points:
4.3 BL/18.0 Pts
Suggested Age:
12 and up
Comments on Specific Events:
Synopsis from Goodreads
From the co-creator of the bestselling "Animorphs" comes a gripping new series in which everyone disappears in a flash on their 15th birthday. It's a terrifying new world, and time is running out.

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