Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Mysterious 'Chocolate' Incident

My four year old daughter Lily is very proud she is potty trained (about time right?) but still needs assistance when it comes to wiping.  About a month ago I was busy and asked my husband to help her wipe when she was done using the restroom.  Awhile later he assured me he had.  Not long after I went into the carpeted bathroom where my daughter was trying to cram her foot into the sink while still balancing on her stepping stool.
“Lily what are you doing?” I ask.
“Trying to get the chocolate off my foot, see mommy, there’s chocolate.”
“What?” I move closer.  Sure enough there was dark brown ‘chocolate’ on her foot.  Glancing down, I discover more ‘chocolate’ smeared on the carpet. 
“Honey, you wiped Lily right?” I holler, nervously.
“Yeah,” he calls back.
“So what is this everywhere?”
He immediately appears in the door way.  “I don’t know.”
My daughter Lily assures us. “It’s chocolate.”
I kneel down to investigate further.  Upon smelling, I know for sure it is NOT chocolate.  I give my husband the ‘look’.
“What?  I wiped her!” he defends himself.   “I don’t know how it happened.”
Lily repeats, “Its chocolate daddy.”
Needless to say a few minutes later daddy is on hands and knees with carpet cleaner and rag, scrubbing. 
I clean and dry Lily’s hands and feet and began steering her out of the bathroom. 
Noticing her daddy, Lily exclaims happily, “Look, Daddy has chocolate on his feet too!”

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