Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Gladness Game and Polyester

Have you ever seen Pollyanna (am I showing my age there?)?  Well in it Pollyanna plays something she calls the gladness game.  The point is that no matter how bad something is you find something to be glad about.

My daughter is not an egg yolk fan.  She thinks they're gross and won't eat a fried or boiled egg.  Scrambled is the only way for her...sadly the rest of the family LOVES fried eggs.  I was making eggs this morning and as I cracked them into the pan she eyed them suspiciously.  I'm a mean mom and I like to mess with my kids so I wouldn't tell her if I was scrambling or just making a lot of fried.

She stares at them a little bit longer and say, "I'm glad eggs have yolks."  I about fell over but asked why.

She said, "Because then you know how many you've put in the pan!"

So I scrambled them for her, my sweet girl who tried to find something to be happy about one of the few foods she doesn't like.

On a different note:  this is the same child that once named her doll Polly Esther because that's what the tag said and since she'd only ever had beanie babies, she was convinced all toys had their names on the tag....


  1. I like that I can count egg yolks too when I'm baking:) Love the Poly Esther doll too!!!

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